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After extensive modernisation and adaptation we are able to offer 39 self-contained dwellings: 32 situated around two quadrangles in Bromley College, and 7 in Sheppard’s College, a separate building.

There is one small furnished guest bedsit for Collegians’ families and special friends to occupy when they are visiting.

Collegians’ kitchens are equipped with electric cookers, refrigerators, work tops and cupboard space. The layout of each dwelling is different: 30 have two bedrooms and 9 have one and the fixtures and fittings vary. Collegians are encouraged to invest in floor coverings and other decorations, but all dwellings enjoy a full inspection and basic decorations between each occupant.

Qualification for residence

Until the Charity Commission schemes of 1974, 1981 and 1997, the Colleges were originally for widows and unmarried daughters of former residents. Amendments now enable us to offer accommodation to a wider range of people:

a) A Widow or Widower of a Clerk (in Holy Orders of the Church of England, the Church in Wales, the Scottish Episcopal Church or the Church in Ireland);

b) Retired Clerks and their legal partners;

c) A divorced or separated legal partner of a Clerk or retired Clerk;

d) A child or step child of single status of a deceased Collegian.